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Ending by Leif Sandberg

The Ending project is my first major photo project, with its roots in panic anxiety and the fear of
growing old. After surgery for possible pancreas cancer 2007, followed by a year's convalescence, I
was faced with the inevitable question of what to do with the rest of my life. A second chance. An
interest in art and photography has followed me since my teens, although that was not my choice in
life. Until now.

Death becomes palpable when it approaches, and the pictures contain questions of fear and
uncertainty, but simultaneously the joy of aging together with a life partner. The pictures have
grown over a five-year period. Often a photo session with an original idea inspired new pictures
created in the moment and the plan had to give way for intuition and guts feeling. Possibly a way to
get close to who you and expolring your inner self.