The Sniper Paused So He Could Wipe His Brow

Photographer Sean Lotman

Sean Lotman

Artist Statement: Memory has a fascinating way of forming a narrative. We believe we recall something as it happened only to find evidence that events were in fact rather different. I’m intrigued by the flaw of misremembered pasts. I wanted to give form to this bewilderment with my new photo book, The Sniper Paused So He Could Wipe His Brow. Comprising 95 photographs drawn from twenty countries, shot over the span of 15 years, all of them handmade darkroom color prints taken with a Diana f+ toy camera, the images feel rooted out from any discernible reality, akin to recollected dreams (which have the same eerie elusiveness of long-past moments). The book is designed in three parts, with a split binding in Parts I & III, so that the reader becomes a collaborator, mixing and matching different sets of photographs in a kind of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure experience. Thus, every time you engage with the book, your reading of it will be unique depending on how you arrange the book’s flaps, reminding the reader that our understanding of things evolves with time and nothing is quite like we remember it.

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The M Editions

“People gave us everything for free. We were allowed only so much film per picture, but there was no limit to the creativity. I like to say that they let us loose like wild dogs in the streets of Paris” – Helmut Newton.